DIY Hard

Any suggestions for the coloring, possible textures and additions? I was thinking about colorful spray paint texture...

Mazda Sketch

Car Sketches

Scott Robertson inspired

Green Monster

The Arfons Green Monsters are incredibly impressive! Just a little project for fun.

Scooter from Outer Space

Just playing around with a different rendering method. What do you think?!

Makerbot Giveaway

The challenge is to design something that the Makerbot (3D printer) can print out. I've already submitted a model and I'll continue to do so in the comming weeks. That Makerbot is such a great toy to have on your desktop!


For a change I tried to design an ambigram. I'm not particularly happy about this one though.

[Extracts of Local Distance]

This is amazing! Several achitectural images merged into one another base on the object's vanishing point. I've got the urge to try something similair.

Honda CRX

A work-in-process model in Autodesk Mudbox. I really enjoy working with this software as it allows (dynamic) live modelling with easy-to-use tools. The (perhaps obvious) downside however, is that the model will always look muddy. I know that Mudbox isn't designed for these applications and because I feel that this project is taking too long, I'll only use the model as a reference for some photoshop renderings.

So I'd really like to hear what you think! Don't be too critical about the surfaces though ;)

Supercar Sketches

Still finding out about different sketching techniques. Miroslav Dimitrov provided a lot of inspiration.

Wrangell Malamute

Entry for Local motors' Alaska Motors Competition back in December 2009

Honda CRX


Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm a car design enthusiast from The Netherlands. I set up this blog aiming to create a clean environment where I can share my work. I'll try to tackle various areas of (applied) arts. Since I'm still learning, feedback and other commentary is always greatly appreciated!