Chair from a Cardboard Box

Once in a while I like to do something challenging. Also recently I developed a technique to make 2D templates from 3D objects in Google SketchUp. I wanted to put this method to the test by making a simple chair design from a television box. Dimensions and shapes were limited as the cardboard had already been folded.

The chair is made of one piece of cardboard and some double-sided tape. It can at least support 80 kilograms. In the fututre I may try to develop a way to connect cardboard without using any other material than the cardboard itself.

The 3D model and the 2D template can be downloaded here (this model is somewhat larger that the original one)

I would love to see you reproducing it!

DIY Hard

Tee design submisson for Threadless.
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Car Sketch

Practicing sketching.


Backgroud for my DIY Hard design.