Good Design

Good design is innovative

Good design makes a product useful

Good design is aesthetic design

Good design makes a product understandable

Good design is honest

Good design is unobtrusive

Good design is long-lived

Good design is thorough, down to the last detail

Good design is environmentally-friendly

Good design is as little design as possible

-Dieter Rams


  1. He forgot one.

    Good design equals logic.

  2. well... i can't entirely agree with him. cause sometimes "good design" is pretty much "much" design- sometimes its just about th aesthetics and just about decoration. there are just a VERY few cases in which it still can be called "good" design, but considering the fact, that dieter rams is a product designer you can't reflect that on car design completley.

  3. It's very true that some of them cannot entirely be applied to car design as it is a completely different field (especially the phrases with 'product' in it) I agree with you that car design has mostly become to deal with aesthetics. Perhaps because car designers aren't in charge of everything, like innovativity. Also, mostly vehicles express emotion. Therefore they cannot be unobtrusive.

    I do find simplicity very important. Hopefully my logo and blog reflect that. Finally I just thought that Dieter Rams was making some interesting points that I liked to share.

    Thanks for the comment and good luck in Pfozheim!
    (maybe I'll see you there in two years :)

  4. right, simplicity is good to not distract from the important thing, your blog shows that impressively ;)
    thank you, would like to see you there!