Intersection Competition 2

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4 wheel drive (capable in rough terrain)
4 electric motors (environmentally friendly)
4 sets of bicycle pedals (backup and supplement alongside electric motors)
batteries in front and rear (balanced, passenger floor lower to ground)

room for 5 people
2 wire mesh front seats (open feeling, interaction between occupants)
1 wire mesh rear seat (open feeling, interaction between occupants)
storage in front and rear

open top (open and sporty feeling)
open sides (open and sporty feeling)
wire mesh floor (open and sporty feeling, no problems with beach sand)
metal bars on the sides (safety, storage, point of attachment fabric sunshade, hatchback design)

Intersection Competition 1

Follow the development of this design at Local Motors

Here’s a profile sketch for the Intersection Design Competition hosted by Local-Motors. As this car is driven with in a beautiful and hot environment, I think it’s important that driver and passengers experience nature to the fullest. For this reason I drew up this doorless cabrio (with metal safety tubes that merge with the design lines). Though, I’m not sure whether this meets the safety requirements.

On this sketch the car may appear as a hatchback, but the back is only outlined by a metal structure. I hope this to contribute to the open feeling of the design as well as its level of customization (there’s more storage freedom). A canvas like material can be stretched between the windshield and the metal structure at the back to provide shade for the passengers. The chairs are lightweight and should contribute to the open feeling within the car.

Furthermore I think that the design should be honest and simple (without distracting details). I’d like to get some feedback on the concept as well as its feasibility! I haven’t thought of any element of human power and perhaps we can discuss that here as well.

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Appreciating Nike's Mavrk Mid 2

Phi Condensed

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Improved S

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Phi Extended

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Phi Thin
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Front is coming!

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Creating this typeface has been a great challenge. But the end product as well as the experience have certainly paid off the hard work. I've learned a lot about typography and design in general. Besides that I'm excited to earn some money with this typeface.