Intersection Competition 2

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4 wheel drive (capable in rough terrain)
4 electric motors (environmentally friendly)
4 sets of bicycle pedals (backup and supplement alongside electric motors)
batteries in front and rear (balanced, passenger floor lower to ground)

room for 5 people
2 wire mesh front seats (open feeling, interaction between occupants)
1 wire mesh rear seat (open feeling, interaction between occupants)
storage in front and rear

open top (open and sporty feeling)
open sides (open and sporty feeling)
wire mesh floor (open and sporty feeling, no problems with beach sand)
metal bars on the sides (safety, storage, point of attachment fabric sunshade, hatchback design)

1 comment:

  1. hi cas, I'm trosher, a LM member. I've seen that you want to get rid of your intersection project because you are under aged. It's a pity beacuse I like your design, if I tell yo the truth is quite similar to the one that I am going to go with. please take a look to my portfolio, checkups and entries... I have good ideas but neither drawing nor designing skills. please mail me here: and we can talk about teaming up for the comp.