Honda CRX

The final design! See how this design evolved on Local Motors

Honda CRX

See how this design evolved on Local Motors

Honda CRX

See how this design evolved on Local Motors

Wiping The Dust Off My Tablet

This year I'll be graduating from middle school. Spare time is very rare these days.

Honda CRX re-redesign

See how this design evolved on Local Motors

Homage to Escher

MC Escher (1898-1972) was Dutch graphic artist, known for his mathematically inspired artwork.

Honda CRX re-redesign

See how this design evolved on Local Motors

Honda CRX re-redesign

My typographic project Phi has been a valuable experience.

After almost a whole school year without car design I have decided to revise my Honda CRX redesign. On Local Motors you can see how the design evolved. Looking at the sketches from more than a year ago, I found that the design had been going into the right direction. Yet I felt that the project wasn't finished properly. So here's a redesign of my Honda CRX redesigned rear.

Tell me what you think!

Phi (a whole new design) Now Available!

Phi is a simple geometric sans-serif typeface, inspired by the golden ratio. It is rock solid, versatile, legible and excellent for both text and display usage.

Get it at MyFonts, or FontSpring!


These posters will accompany my Phi fonts on I will make a few more of these, so that all of the typeface's qualities are adressed. The new Phi fonts will very soon be available!


Previous attempts to designing a personal logo didn't work out. It is challenging to make something lasting. For that reason I've been using a circle or sphere as symbol of simplicity for my trademark. Now, after making dozens of sketches, it's this G with a C inside that will need to stand the test of time. Tell me what you think!

Spacing and Kerning

My two Phi fonts underwent Igino Marini's special iKern treatment and came out great!

Functional is Beautiful

The two Phi fonts are almost finished! I could go on for ages to get exactly what I want, but that's not exactly what I want :)

Plane Fun

DIY Air hockey Table

Last weekend my DIY Air Hockey Table (PDF) instructable reached one hundred thousand views! It was a huge succes when it was published in 2009. It got mentioned on several blogs like Make:, Lifehacker and Slashgear and was even translated into Russian on and Spanish on!

So built your own air hockey table for cheap and spread the word!

Phi Lowercase

Sorry car designers for not having posted any sketches and renderings lately. Hopefully I'll have a chance to do so soon!

Phi Lowercase

I've been making several optical corrections, such as better flowing lines by adjusting the curvature in characters like P and h, thinner horizontal strokes in all characters, smoother elipses and a whole lot more!

Phi Lowercase

Phi Light lowercase work in progress

Phi Lowercase

I couldn't resist this challenge!

Phi Ultra: Different Ampersand

Instead of &


When I was a kid I loved watching Coppernickel (Keepvogel in Dutch). It's a series of videos animated by Wouter van Reek. This video (translated from Dutch) has a particularly interesting moral.

Phi Ultra

Phi Ultra is in the making!


Inspired by Ford B-MAX Concept sketches

Phi Ultra

During my vacation in Portugal I couldn't get my eyes off the fonts around me. I loved this solid font, found on a building in Quimbra. Perhaps I'll extend the Phi Font Family with a similar weight.


More sketch, less render

Ipod Doodle

It's hard to draw cars in a driving car on an iPod Touch :) This one took a lot of time!

Ford Internship 2009

I did this rendering during my two-week internschip at the Ford Executive Design Center in Germany back in Autumn 2009. At that time I was almost certain that I wanted to study transportation design. Now my interests have shifted to a more functional approach to design. Next week I'm visiting the Pfozheim University and hope to find out whether transportation design is what I really want to focus on.


Intersection Competition Winners

DUNE by Nikhill

Congratulations to the Intersection Magazine 10th Anniversary Competition winners Nikhill (1st), Marc (2nd), and Naman (3rd) and everyone else who participated!

We had expected our design to get a higher average score, but it was certainly worth our effort! Thanks Trosher!

Phi Caps Typeface: New Styles Now Available

Phi Caps is a geometric all caps typeface designed on the basis of the golden ratio. Its simple monoline letters come together in a solid font.

Get it here

My Phi Caps font family has been updated with 7 new fonts along with improvements to the original 2 fonts! An elegant Thin weight has been added to the Book and Medium weights. In addition to the Regular width the family now has gone Condensed and Extended. Here you can view all 9 fonts in detail.

Furthermore it's price has dropped by more than 40%! Making it just:

Intersection Competition 3

For this competition I'm collaborating with Albert Gari (Local Motors member Trosher)

Follow the development of this design at Local Motors

Capitals are Cool

Black: Phi Thin Extended
Dark blue: Phi Book Extended
Light blue: Phi Medium Extended