Phi Caps Typeface: New Styles Now Available

Phi Caps is a geometric all caps typeface designed on the basis of the golden ratio. Its simple monoline letters come together in a solid font.

Get it here

My Phi Caps font family has been updated with 7 new fonts along with improvements to the original 2 fonts! An elegant Thin weight has been added to the Book and Medium weights. In addition to the Regular width the family now has gone Condensed and Extended. Here you can view all 9 fonts in detail.

Furthermore it's price has dropped by more than 40%! Making it just:


  1. I'm rather sad that your EULA does not allows for use on the web. It's a lovely font and I'd pay for it if you released a web font.

    1. Hi Adam! I'm glad you like my fonts. I've just signed up for webfonts. According to Phi and Phi Caps will be available as webfonts in a couple of days.