More sketch, less render

Ipod Doodle

It's hard to draw cars in a driving car on an iPod Touch :) This one took a lot of time!

Ford Internship 2009

I did this rendering during my two-week internschip at the Ford Executive Design Center in Germany back in Autumn 2009. At that time I was almost certain that I wanted to study transportation design. Now my interests have shifted to a more functional approach to design. Next week I'm visiting the Pfozheim University and hope to find out whether transportation design is what I really want to focus on.


Intersection Competition Winners

DUNE by Nikhill

Congratulations to the Intersection Magazine 10th Anniversary Competition winners Nikhill (1st), Marc (2nd), and Naman (3rd) and everyone else who participated!

We had expected our design to get a higher average score, but it was certainly worth our effort! Thanks Trosher!