Phi Lowercase

I've been making several optical corrections, such as better flowing lines by adjusting the curvature in characters like P and h, thinner horizontal strokes in all characters, smoother elipses and a whole lot more!


  1. Hi, fantastic work with this font! (We bought it for web use!) Any plans on a medium/semibold version of Phi? That would be great - the bold is a little too bold for our designs.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I'm planning on expanding the font family with more weights. I'm also working on refining the letterforms and adding features such stylistic alternates and tabular figures. Unfortunately it will not be until the summer when I have enough time to finish it.

  2. Great, well I'm subscribed to this thread so if you remember please drop a comment here when you release an improved font family, i'll probably buy straight away!